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I just watched 3hree voices II. It’s so touching and inspiring me to write. I watched 3hree voices II through a DVD which given by my friend. It isn’t original, but  i really wanna watch it. I know more about your self as ‘you’. We didn’t know your true feeling after the problem and what is the truth. But now, for me, whatever the truth, you all can back again as 5 or still like now (even i still keep the faith that ya’ll will be back again as 5 oneday), the important thing for me is you’re happy. Much much happier than before. Because i don’t wanna make you more difficult by pforce you all back as 5 again. i’m happy know that you’re happy too.. But i also felt fault.  I almost never buy their album, photobook or etc. After watched 3hree voices II i think “is am i false?”. “is i can say my self as cassiopeia?”.  I felt so shy to say i’m cassiopeia. I also never attend their concert. whereas they have been work hard for us, cassiopeia. Never give up even They was melalui many problems and really really hard situation. Apalagi junsu said that they can be like this, keep strong and continue to sing because of their fans. i konw it isn’t really easy to face all the problem and keep smiling in front of someone who loves you. I felt like i’m useless being a fan of DBSK. They already have many fans. I can’t do anything for them. I just can support them through my words via twitter, vote them, that’s it. Hah~ i do appologize being a useless fans, oppadeul.. I really really want to do many thing for you, to support you guys. especially now when you face several problems at the same time. and when the first problem isn’t clear yet, the other problems come over to your life like water at the sea, they’re never end. don’t give up guys~ we’ll always beside you, when ever you need us. i want to help you, What can i do for you??

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