[Trans] 131107 Jaejoong Weibo Global Chatting

11 Nov

They always have many ways to keep in touch with their fans eventhough they’re not allowed to perform on TV. SMART!!!
and I think it’s more intim and comfortable than having a talkshow in TV. More private ang more fun. coz fans around the world can participate. keep doing things like this. and get closer to your fans^^

fashion follows yoochun

T/N: This post consists of the Weibo posts from the Global Chatting session Jaejoong had with Chinese fans. Posts are in chronological order top-down:) All posts were made in Chinese unless otherwise stated:) p.s. the Chinese fans really do type “oppa” in Chinese 😛

(2.49pm KST, Korean & English) Everyone I’m here!!! are you ready???

(3.01pm KST) Hello everyone in Beijing~ Hello everyone in Shanghai~ Is everyone else well too?

(3.01pm KST) How’s the weather in China? The weather in Korea today is especially good

(3.01pm KST)  Let’s begin~~~~!

(3.02pm KST) Have you guys heard the title track?

Lihat pos aslinya 889 kata lagi

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