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22 Jul

From the very start, Big Bang has an inert talent and before anyone could see these talents we, VIPs, all know about their hard works they did from being just an ordinary person up to becoming a STAR. I know some of you are wondering how Big Bang was formed, right? The members were selected to a reality survival program. Before the group’s debut, several members already had exposure in the entertainment industry. They were trained and they had a documentary called “BIG BANG DOCUMENTARY” in order to know how they progress. They came out in the intense and powerful competition proving that they are true professional artist. Leader G-Dragon and lead vocalist Taeyang, signed with YG Entertainment since they were both thirteen years old, were known as GD and YB. T.O.P was an underground rapper under the stage name T.E.M.P.O. BigBang made their debut at the Gymnastics Arena in Seoul Olympic Park during the YG Family concert. It means BigBang was made their masterpiece for 4 years and they produce many albums, DVDs and singles. So, now I want to make a short form review of their albums, from their debut until now, they produced about 40 albums. It’s including some solo albums of the member.

BigBang 1st single album

Following the performance, the group’s first single, “Bigbang, was released on 2006 August. It contained of 4 songs, that is intro [put your hands up], We Belong Together, This Love a cover of the American rock band Maroon 5 song, and A Fool’s Only Tears (Korean:눈물뿐인 바보). The single debuted with over 17,000 copies sold in the month of August and later went on to sell nearly 40,000 copies.

They were awarded as the “Rookie of the Monthon October 2006 by the Cyworld Digital Music Awards. And the second single,  BigBang Is V.I.P released on 2006 September, this album contain of 4 songs, that is la-la-la, My Girl (태양solo), V.I.P, la-la-la (instrumental). Selling 21,000 copies that month and eventually topping 32,000 copies sold.

Next, their third single, Bigbang 03 released on 2006 November which contain of 5 songs, that is intro [Victory], Big Bang, forever with you (feat.박봄), Good Bye baby, and웃어본다. Followed, with final sales nearing 40,000 copies.

On 2006 December “BIGBANG Vol. 1” intro [Big Bang], she can’t get enough, Dirty Cash, 다음날 (승리 Solo), Big Boy [TOP solo], 흔들어, 눈물뿐인 바보, Ma Girl (태양 Solo), This Love (G-Dragon solo), and웃어본다 (대성 Solo). Selling 48,009 copies by the end of February 2007.

At the end of December 2006, Big Bang held their first concert, “The Real”. And they released their live concert album, The Real LIVE Concert CD on 2006 December. it contain of Bigbang, V.I.P, Ma Girl, 눈물뿐인 바보, We Belong Together, Forever With You, 웃어본다, Big Boy, 다음날, She Can’t Get Enough, Dirty Cash, This Love, La-la-la, Good Bye Baby, 흔들어, Dirty Cash (For Fan – Original Track). And sold 30,000 copies by the end of the year. The group also began their Want You tour, visiting five cities: Incheon, Daegu, Changwon, Jeonju and Busan.

One year after their debut, around 16th August 2007, they released mini album “Always” and stand once again in front of the crowd. G-dragon, TOP and the other members of Big Bang along with 1TYM’s Teddy, Brave Brothers, Perry and even to YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Seok, all complete member of YG Entertainment that seemed to matured a lot lately joined in this project, and finally the completed “Always” album is released in mini album form and marked several changes for the group. Though previously already writing and composing, the group has decided to take more control over their music. The mini-album also saw the introduction of electronic music for Big Bang. To the public, thing that somewhat called by ‘mini album’ is usually contained around 2 or 3 songs, then the regular album usually includes around 10 songs or more, and as the regular album with average song amounts by 5 or 7 songs, Big Bang’s [Always] album contains 6 songs that is Intro [우린 빅뱅], 거짓말, 없는 번호, 아무렇지 않은 척 (Feat. 지은) , Oh Ma Baby, and Always. G-Dragon composed and wrote most of the tracks included in their first mini album release including the title hit single “Lies” that supposed to be G-dragon’s solo at first is changed into Big Bang’s song and [Always]’s title song, and beside this title song the other 6 songs in total that had been included in the album, each of them clearly have characters of European style pop and R&B ballad; reviving melodies with ‘seasoned’ hip-hop. All the Producers that had been working on this album had devoted their hearts and minds to make the songs selections, and they made the outstanding and various Big Bang’s members’ styles another upgrade. Big Bang’s new album [Always] will be released on the next August 17th nationwide, then on August 19th Big Bang will start their showcase titled “2007 Big Bang Mini Album [Always]”.

On the half year of 2007 Big Bang make a big issue in the world of music with “Lies”. Before the lingering sounds get carried away they released their second mini album titled “Hot Issue” and made a strong explosion. In this second mini album, G-Dragon’s flourishing will to write seems on it’s peak, and on this album out from 6 songs he composed 5 of it, and not only that he’s also trusted to write and produced it. Just in one listen, you can hear that the title song “Last Farewell” (마지막 인사), as the song that G-Dragon had wrote and composed, has this strong beat of trans hip hop rhythm and on top of that you can hear G-dragon’s peculiar refreshing melody, and the lyrics is also blended very well into the song. G-dragon’s and TOP’s powerful rap along with Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri’s vocal can make you feel the explosive energy from the song. This song was also fairly successful, topped various charts, including the Juke-On’s chart for eight consecutive weeks. It also won the “Song of the Month Digital Music Award” from Cyworld. In [Hot Issue] they got other songs beside the mega hit song “Last Farewell”. 바보 (Fool) is also a title song that had become a subject of discussion along with “Last Farewell”. Another song in this mini album are intro [Hot Issue] and But I Love You (Sampling by Rhu of Redd Holt Unlimited). On top of that, in the [Hot Issue], Stony Skunk’s S-Kush and G-Dragon collaboration in G-Dragon’s solo song, slow-medium tempo song “I Don’t Understand” and the other songs one by one are showing up their qualities. The catchiest song is the sampling of a legendary song from Seo Taiji and Boys titled Crazy Dog (You, in the fantasy). The memorable “You, in the fantasy” opening part is processed into Big Bang’s style, overcoming the 15 years of generation difference, it’s showing a big appeal not only to the fans of Big Bang’s songs, but also to the fans of Seo Taiji and Boys. And in the center of that, there’s the well-accepted young singer-song writer, Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon. Since included in the first single album, singer-song writer G-dragon showing some possibilities and after that he participated actively in composing and writing all of Big Bang’s albums. After only debuted for one year, he can make a hit song such as “Lies”, his reputation as a composer is arising and his name showing up to the surface right away. With Shibuya Kei style opening “Lies”, as the well produced song that had received explosive response in the world of music, is using piano as the base and become better with high class arranging. After “Lies” that come in winter this time Big Bang once again rock the music stage with their second mini album [Hot Issue] that’s going to come on 23rd November.

Near the end of 2007, it was reported that members of the band were hospitalized from over performing and exhaustion, halting their promotional activities. Reports were later released that Big Bang’s albums and singles were in high demand, causing the record company to reprint and repackage them for re-release. Riding on the success of their mini album, the group collected numerous awards towards the end of the year, including “Best Male Group” and “Song Of The Year” from the 2007 Music Festival. They received the “Artist of the Year” award from the 17th Seoul Music Awards.

As 2007 came to close, Big Bang ventured overseas to Japan. Right after the New Year, on January 4th 2008 Big Bang released their first mini album “For The World” and they also revealed it nationally in Korea. In [For The World] there’s a new songs like “How Gee” and among the songs like “Lies”, “The Fool’s Only Tears”, “Fool”, “La La La”, and “Always” they picked out 7 songs that represent Big Bang, there’s 8 songs in total and one full-length song in English. The new song “How Gee” is a sampling from the opening part of Black Machine’s club song {How Gee}, Big Bang made that into a new Big Bang-styled Hip-Hop song with a catchy repeated saxophone sound. The half part of the song feels so alive and Big Bang’s refreshing rap from rappers G-Dragon and TOP along with Taeyang, Daesung, Seungri’s various vocals mixed really well and gives a new feel to this song. They’re showing off, not only in Japan but also in the UK and USA music markets, their flawless quality. Big Bang’s Japan English album is walking a different path from the earlier debuted Korean singers there. Usually when entering Japan, the Korean singers released their album in Japanese, but Big Bang’s first debut album there is released in English and makes a big new attempt. With this Big Bang is not introduced as another Hallyu Singer, but as a foreign musician. Big Bang that is really remarkable at Korea is doing their underground debut that differentiates them from the other singers. Despite the fact that they got connections to Japan’s famous recording labels, Big Bang choose to do underground debut and their reason is  instead of showing their outer features, they would like to do a long term plans for spreading their music. Their plan is to take over the music market first, then step by step going out and let them know who Big Bang is. This album charted at #10 on the Oricon chart with little promotion. The group also held a concert at the JCB Hall in Tokyo Dome City Big Bang returned to Korea after promotions in Japan ended.

Big Bang’s most authentic edition that whip the 2007 world of music! Their second concert “Big Bang is Great” ticket was sold out in about 10 minutes after it was released. From 28 to 30th 2007, for three consecutive days at Olympic Stadium Seoul, Big Bang is going to release their live concert album “The Great” on 2008 February. Since their first concert in 2006, their sellout concert surprised the attendants and on this concert Big Bang is going to heat the stage more especially since they’ve planned out the second performance. This album contain of 16 songs, Crazy Dog, 환상 속의 그대, 흔들어, Wild Wild West, 웃어본다 (대성 Solo), 다음날 (승리 Solo), Ma girl (태양 Solo), La La La, 바보, This Love, 거짓말, 아무렇지 않은 척(TOP Solo), 눈물뿐인 바보, But I Love You (G-Dragon solo), 마지막 인사, Always (앵콜), and 거짓말 (앵콜).
Furthermore, as 2007 close, they undertake overseas to Japan and they made their promotions there. They released their 2nd mini album in Japan, “With U” on Mei 2008. Which contain of 8 songs, Intro-With U, Baby Baby, This Love, Mad about You, WE Belong Together, Shake It, and My Girl.



And then Tae yang released his 1st solo album, “HOTvol.1” on August 2006. Which contain of Intro [HOT], 기도 (Feat. Teddy), 나만 바라봐, 죄인, Baby I’m Sorry, and Make Love (Feat. Kush).




Followed by대성and G-Dragon with their digital single, 날 봐, 귀순 and 나만 바라봐 Part2, which release on 2006 August.




Although group activities were delayed due to solo projects, their third mini album, “Stand Up” was released on 2008 August. Which contain of Intro [Stand Up], 하루하루, 천국, 착한사람, Lady, and Oh My Friend. Featuring Daishi Dance and the Korean rock-band No Brain for several songs, this mini album exceeded the 100,000 mark in sales. ”. The lead single is “Day by Day” that top in various charts and made the #1 position in six consecutive weeks. Also they received another award as the “2007 Best Asian Newcomer” in Asian Music Extreme Awards. Following the lead single’s success, other songs also charted within the top 20, with “Heaven” reaching #2, “Oh My Friend” hitting #9, “A Good Man” at #12, and “Lady” peaking at #16. A total of five songs in the Top 20 for the group.

During the release of their Korean materials, Big Bang released the Japanese album, “Number 1”, on October 2008, which contain of 14 songs include 6 new songs, and they sorted out again BIGBANG’s previous songs and choose out 8 songs that showed BIGBANG’s charms the most, and then put those songs in the album. Especially for the new songs that have different style from their Korean songs, they need to discover their musicality aspects to compose these songs.  Here’s the songs in this album: Intro, Number 1, Make Love, Come Be My Lady, Haru-haru, With U, How Gee, Baby Baby, So Beautiful, Remember, Heaven, Everything, Always, and Candle. Performing their song, Number 1 on Japanese radio programs and TV shows. The album packed at No. 3 on Japan’s Oricon daily album chart. Before the album got released they revealed the title song called “Number 1” that already got into Korea music chart, and just like that, it has become really popular back in Korea. Sweden producing team, Silver room, that participated in “Number 1” begin from G-Dragon and TOP’s bouncy-like rapping along with Taeyang’s sexy falsetto, then Daesung and Seungri’s famous growing vocals, showing that you can’t see BIGBANG’s members’ growing limits. In addition, Taeyang’s famous title song that included in his solo album, “My Love” is got remixed by BIGBANG five members and song get reborn in R&B version. “Everything”, “Remember”, etc, although they got song that might br called as a title song, but they’ll sing the other songs until it reached a level where you won’t feel awkward with it anymore. Just like their previous albums, full-length English recording their Japanese album has a quality that might be possible to be sent straight to USA, a quality to be proud at, and it’s a record to proof that BIGBANG’s stage would definitely never stop in Asia. Composed/written by fellow band mate G-Dragon, was promoted in the first quarter of 2009. Thought not originally planned for promotion, it has garnered much popularity, winning the maximum number of 3 wins in SBS Inkigayo, a weekend music show, consecutively. It has also received awards.

Moreover, their Korean follow-up album is “Remember”, was released on 2008 November. Which contain of 11 songs Intro[모두 다 소리쳐], 오, 아, 오, 붉은 노을 (sunset glow) made it to #1 position for their lead single, 반짝반짝, Strong Baby(승리 Solo) Composed/written by fellow band mate G-Dragon, was promoted in the first quarter of 2009. Though not originally planned for promotion, it has garnered much popularity, winning the maximum number of 3 wins in SBS Inkigayo, a weekend music show, consecutively. It has also received awards in M Countdown and KBS Music Bank, Wonderful, 멍청한 사랑, 하루하루(Acoustic version), 거짓말Remix, 마지막 인사Remix, and Remember. BigBang received their second “Artist of the Year” award from the 2008 M.Net KM Music Festival award ceremony. At the end of 2008, it was reported that BigBang earned a total of 36 billion (USD$ 24.5 million).

On the early year of 2009, they had a break engage in their solo albums and on 2008 December, BigBang and sport brand FILA’s specially made song as part of “branded entertainment” marketing program, is revealed as a digital single, “Stylish (The FILA)” is released on the same time with FILA BigBang limited edition. First, they distributed the song to offline music stores. But since offline music stores has limits and respond for “Stylish (The FILA)” is pretty good, they’ve released it on online music stores so many people could hear the song. G-Dragon did the lyrics while Perry did composing and producing for this song, polished sounds and “BigBang’s style” feel is come out pretty well in this Hip-Hop styled song. Generally this commercial song, even when it sung on the stage, has an amazing popularity and it’s something to be proud of. And once again we have to chance to see and make sure of BigBang’s charm and talents.

After “Look at Me, Gwisoon” BIGBANG’s Daesung released a new trot song called “Big Hit!” online, on 2009 January. Daesung’s “Look at Me, Gwisoon” that had been released on the other day shows a skillful trot singing with fun stage manner that can attract not only the young generation, but the coloring and the bell sounds made this song popular also among the old generation. “Big Hit” has a meaning ‘in 2009 let’s be a big hit’ for the citizen who had suffered from economy crisis, it also can be seen as ‘various hope’. “Big Hit” is made by the same person that created “Look At Me, Gwisoon”, G-Dragon. He hoped that ‘this song is can be one trot song that the younger generation can enjoy”.

They reunited again to collaborate with 2NE1 for the song “Lollipop”. This song was use to promote a cell phone and the song made at #1 position in the charts. They won for the “Song of the Month (Lollipop) in Cyworld Digital Music Awards. There will be nothing less when you put 1TYM’s Teddy and BigBang’s leader G-Dragon together as a producer, and as CM song they made it through various online music site and become number one for a long time. Ahead from its formal debut, 2NE1 first seen with a CM song titled Lollipop which shows 2NE1 member’s full of playful personality. With a bright color LED stage as a background and 2NE1 and BigBang’s member bright and witty outfit the MV has become really impressive, especially with CL and Minji’s 4 years of training dance skills, people put more anticipation to their full of talent and not-so-rookie-debut.

BIGBANG’s concert titled “Big Show” that took place in Seoul Olympic Stadium – Gymnastic Competition Hall on January 30th and 31th – February 1st 2009 (overall in three days) is made into a live concert album that had been released on April 22th 2009. This album starts with BIGBANG’s hit songs like “Lies” “Last Farewell” “Sunset Glow” “Number 1”, then the sublime feeling continues with “Day by Day” and “Heaven” orchestra version, there are 16 songs included in total. 2009 BIGBANG Concert Live Album [BIG SHOW], just like the name, the splendid concert sensation will make you feels like you’re standing right on the concert place.

In August 2009, they had released the official major debut single “My Heaven”, on January.  “My Heaven” is Japanese translation in their “Stand Up” album that made it to 2nd place on Oricon Daily Chart with over 12,000 copies being sold on the first day and #3 positions in the Oricon Charts. Last year they released a mini album through a Japanese Indie Label and received ceaseless love since then, they have a firm determination for one year, and after that Universal Music who already keep an eye for them do a lighting attack and make a contract with them, and after that for the sake of entering the major music market they’ve released a first major solo album. G-Dragon worked with Daishi Dance for their first debut outcome single called “My Heaven” which in Korea called “Heaven”. On top of the lyrical strings sounds it has G-Dragon special quality done in simplicity, while the heavy yet impressive melody of this song serves a happiness of love and the lyrics, in other way, gives another different color and sad yearning feeling of a separated lover. Another single that can make you feel BIGBANG’s charm just like “My Heaven” is “Emotion”. This song, which on one side talks about temptation on opposite sex, is giving you a feeling of a club. This major debut single of BIGBANG is released on a large scale throughout Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Phillipines, Singapore, Malaysia, and the other Asian countries at the same period, and BIGBANG has established their way to enters Asia’s music market.

BIGBANG who had entered with such a successful major debut in Japan finally back with their second single “Gara Gara Go!” and sold over 30,000. Big Bang then finished recording the album by the end of July. BIGBANG who saw that successful beginning does hope that this time they can make “Gara Gara Go” counted again in Japan. If on the first single “My Heaven” BIGBANG shows lyrical feelings, this time with “Gara Gara Go” they show funky and natural-free spirited charm very well. “Gara Gara Go” which in English spoken as “Gotta Gotta Go” is written in Japanese Katakana character and it reflects “forget about everything and let’s have fun throughout the night”. The lyrics are also have such a bright meaning, and it f it’s well with summer, it’s a fresh song that has make it way to high position in music charts not only in Japan but also in Korea. BIGBANG who had made “Gara Gara Go” into English and Japanese version, made another special version of it for their Korean fans, which in the refrain part of the song they changed the lyrics into Korean. So there’s each one song in Korean, English and along with that they made that song into a unique song. In addition, “Gara Gara Go” includes TOP and G-Dragon fierce rapping in a fresh song called “Top of the World”. “Gara Gara Go” charted #5 and the album itself reached the #3 position in charts.

They released G-Dragon’s first solo album, “Heartbreaker vol.1” on August 18th 2009. People’s attention for G-Dragon’s solo album perhaps already started and getting hotter since it’s on the planning stage. G-Dragon also let go of the concept of an Idol because he’s BIGBANG’s leader who already created nation’s greatest hit songs such as “Lies” “Last Farewell” Day by Day” and even “Sunset Glow”. For addition, to be called “BIGBANG’s style”, his style is also becoming the center of the issue everywhere he goes, and for this album not only popular persons but fashionistas are also got a big expectation. His solo album’s title song called “Heartbreaker and it starts with G-Dragon’s strong narration, and until one point it fascinates your ears till the satisfaction point and leaves you with a strong impression. In addition songs like “A Boy” and “Butterfly” that have contrast styles between each other are enough to make you, who wait for G-Dragon’s solo album, flutter in excitement.

Still in 2009 August, BigBang released BIGBANG vol.1 in Japan. BIGBANG who had received many loves in Japan with their Japan major single debut “My Heaven” then “Gara Gara Go” had released their first Japan album titled BIGBANG on August 19th 2009. On this June BIGBANG had sweep away Japan’s major music market with their debut single and second single continuation release, on the first week they’ve made it to Oricon Top 5 chart and they had become the most talked about topic. It’s such an unbelievable condition since they’re a rookie singer. And as a follow up BIGBANG came up as the winner for the Best Album with “Asia Best 2006-2009” and with their first Japan album “BIGBANG” both at the same time, and that make them feel very strongly determined for the next activity in Japan. In this Japan album, BIGBANG brought up fresh bigbang’s songs such like “My Heaven” “Gara Gara Go!” and the other songs like “Bringing You Love” “Follow Me” “Love Club” etc.

Last time Taeyang leaved a deep impression to the music critics and the public with his songs like “Only Look At Me” and “Prayer” and the other songs that featured in his first solo mini album, [HOT]. Taeyang surpasses the stereotype of a popular idol group lead singer and along with his musicality he has been reborn into a musician image which people already approved to.
In fact, last year Taeyang had swept away various kind of music charts and broadcast charts, and the critics gave him ‘the most popular music’ award, and after that in his first solo concert he held a concert that only adults can enter, with those he surpasses boundaries for an idol singer and, being interactive with present generation, he also did some daring attempt.
Finally, he released “Where U At” digital single on 2009 October. Today, on “Where U At” MV which has been released on the 15th we can see Taeyang’s new coreography and dance style that has been rumored far before today. Foreign dancers that contribute in that MV also said, “Compared to any other dancers I’ve ever seen until now, Taeyang is surely above them. For me it’s nearly impossible that a singer that supposed to do singing have dance skills like that,” and he also said that he (Taeyang) didn’t hold onto the praises he almost get to hear everyday.
Just like last year hits, start from, Taeyang’s “Only Look At Me” and “Prayer”, then “Lollipop”, and also 2NE1’s “Fire” and even “I Don’t Care”, the person who creates sensation with every songs he made, Teddy, is also set up to work with Taeyang in “Where U At”. Once again we can see Taeyang’s fantastic rhythm and gather expectations for it.
The point about 22 years old Taeyang who, until now, still hasn’t got any girlfriend is considered into the lyrics of “Where U At”. It tells about his (Taeyang) future partner that might be live somewhere in this world and while imagining place where her might be Taeyang is longing for her, real circumstances like this are also the point of what the song is all about and it’s absolutely a touching song.

In the latter part of this year (2009 November), they released an album called “Koe Wo Kikasite” which contain of 4 songs and peaked at #4 in charts. They also won in 2009 Nickelodeon Korea Kids’ Choice Awards as “Best Male Artists”. Additionally, they received their third “Artist of the Year” in the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. They also received awards from overseas as the “Best Newcomer Award” in the 42nd Japan Cable Broadcasting Award and “Rookie Newcomer Award” in the 51st Japan Records Awards.


At the same month, Taeyang released his digital single, “Wedding Dress”.






They released “Lollipop Pt. 2” (digital single) on 2010 February, but now without 2NE1. They make a contest to select the lollipop girl.



Leader of BigBang, G-Dragon healed his first solo concert in. and make the live concert album, “Shine A Light” on 2010 March. This album contain of 2 CDs, the first CD containing 16 songs and the second CD (bonus CD) containing 5 songs, 4 remix songs and heartbreaker feat. Flo Rida.




Furthermore, they collaborated with Kim Yuna and Transfixion for the 2010 World Cup to release the song “Shout of the Reads”, on 2010 Mei.



Recently, May 17, 2010, they released the music video “Tell Me Goodbye” in promotional ties in the Korean drama “Iris”. It also proved to be popular gaining so much views in YouTube garnered over 1,000,000 views within one week of its released. Moreover, they also received as the “Best New Artist Video: Gara Gara Go! and Best Pop Video Koe wo Kikasete on the 2010 MTV Music Awards in Japan in the latter days of May. And they released “Tell Me Goodbye” as 4th single in Japan on 2010 June.

Still on 2010 June, TOP released his first digital single, “Turn It Up”. And BigBang released “2010 BigShow Live Concert Album”. Which contain of 2 CDs. The first CD containing 17 songs and the second CD (bonus CD) containing 4 songs.








And the recently one is “Solar 1st album”, which released on July 2010. This album has 2 versions, the normal version contains of 11 songs and the deluxe version contain of 13 songs. The single “I Need A Girl” is feat. With G-Dragon and won in Inkigayo and Mnet Countdown


Their influenced made all over Asia really popular not only in the music industry but also in their fashions. This group really made a promising group. Not only that, they are the only idol group that writes and composes their own songs. They exceptionally trying their best and giving their 100% and doesn’t neglect practicing until they were soak in their own sweat. This group gave it all for their one common dream. They persevere through disappointments and failures to achieve their dream. They became one of the greatest singing groups in Korea. Although, they are at the peak, they are trying to transform to soar higher. Big Bang is a group of geniuses 1% inspiration and 99% effort. They’re a group with both talent and character and they never stop until they meet their stage, the whole world.

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